Where does the time go?

Pictures of  Then and Now
Max Baer, Jr. became famous playing
Jethro Bodine Clampett on the '60s TV series
"The Beverly Hillbillies"
The 70-year-old resurfaced
at an event in Vegas
Donna Douglas became famous for playing
Elly May Clampett on the '60s TV series
"The Beverly Hillbillies"
The 75-year-old today.
Mike Lookinland from "Brady Bunch"
The 47-year-old today.
In the '70s, Alison Arngrim played Walnut Grove's resident mean girl, Nellie Oleson, on
"Little House on the Prairie."
Whoa Nellie!
The 45-year-old blonde resurfaced at an AIDS charity event in Hollywood
Cindy Williams became famous for playing
Shotz Brewery employee Shirley Feeney, in the
'70s sitcom "Laverne & Shirley."
The 60-year-old actress turned up at a
holiday party for her new Broadway show
"The Drowsy Chaperone"
Decades before The Jonas Brothers were even born, David Cassidy and the rest of the
"Partridge Family" made teens go wild in the '70s.
The 57-year-old former teen heartthrob
plugged into an awards show in LA.
In the '80s, Ralph Macchio became famous
for starring in "The Outsiders"
and for playing Daniel LaRusso
in the first three "Karate Kid" films.
The 46-year-old resurfaced at an event
in the Hamptons this weekend.
In 1991, Ann a Chlumsky wowed audiences
in the hit film "My Girl."
The 26-year-old was spotted at an event in NYC
looking like a young Kristen Johnston!
Before Lindsay Lohan starred in the '98 remake, Hayley Mills played the identical twins in the
1961 original film "The Parent Trap."
The 62-year-old resurfaced
at a London theater event
The great Chuck Berry back in the day.
The 81-year-old today.
Singer Brenda Lee back in the day.
The 63-year-old today
Singer Paul Anka back in the day.
The 67-year-old today.
Fats Domino back in the day.
The 80-year-old today.
Patti Page  sang;
"How Much Is That Doggie in the Window -
the one with the waggily tale
how much is that doggie in the window
I do hope that doggie's for sale."
She never did find out)
Lookin' real great - 
On November 8 she turns 81
and is still singing a lovely tune.
Bobby Sherman's first single
"Little Woman" went gold in 1969.
Now Bobby Sherman is 65 and fightin' crime.
Helen Reddy was most known for her song
"I Am Woman."
Now Helen Reddy is 66 and
living in her native Australia
Dwayne Hickman was a permanent fixture on
"Love That Bob." & "Dobie Gillis"
Now Dwayne Hickman is 74
and works in politics.
Karl Malden back in the day.
The 96-year-old today
Known for being a royal wild child,
Princess Stephanie of Monaco was
riding in the car when her mother, the late
Grace Kelly, was killed in a car accident in 1982.
The 42-year-old tanorexic beauty was
snapped this weekend at
Monaco 's National Day celebration
with her brows plucked.
For 11 seasons, Loretta Swit played
Maj. Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan
on the hit series "M*A*S*H."
The 70-year-old blond turned up at
a charity event in L.A.