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  • Life Litter Life With Blessings Today
  • Stroke How to Identify one, what to do
  • Heart Attack General Information and how Female heart attacks are different
  • The Difference between Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Read the Bible (New International Version)
  • Videos Worthwhile Viewing from YouTube and other places

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  • Useful  and Informative Stuff
  • Seasonal  Various Holidays
  • Illusions  How do they do it?
  • Funny  Sometimes Hilarious
  • Faith Without Faith it is impossible to please God
  • Stories  Inspiration, thought provoking
  • Poetry  Delightful Meter and Rhyme
  • Nostalgia  Down Memory Lane
  • Transportation  on Land, Sea, and in the Air
  • Photography  and other Art forms
  • Pets  and the Animal World
  • Geography  Other Places around the World
  • Military  Freedom is not Free!
  • America  Are You Patriotic?
  • Un-America  Immigration, etc.
  • Political  My point-of-view.  You might see things differently

Disclaimer: The pages you find on this website were received via E-mail as far back as 1996.
As I received something I liked, I reformatted it as a web page and added it here for your enjoyment.